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Trained as a dancer until 1998 attending “Dance and Visual Practice” course at Brighton University (UK).

Following taking up private singing studies with the soprano Giovanna Collica.

Enrolling in “Oriental Languages” course in 1999 at Rome University deepening the study of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and particularly Sufi music (tasavvuf).

Setting up the duo Akdeniz together with the sound-designer Marco Saitta having the single “Dolap” out on the “Mokabeach” compilation (Carosello) in 2001. 2002, with Akdeniz he composes the track “Dert” for the movie soundtrack “Anime Veloci” by P.Marrazzo (the movie will be out in 2005). Releasing 4 songs singing in Turkish, English and Sicilian in T.A.O. Alchemic Symphony (Fairylands Records), in 2004. The project also features a live tour with musicians like Gavino Murgia and Vincenzo Zitello.

His first solo album “Thonisorano” comes in summer2005 following a tour until 2006.

Starting out a profitable partnership with the Iranian duo Avinar in 2007, releasing and performing a repertoire of fine Persian Sufi music based on the poems of Hafez, Rumi and other Persian mystical poets.

He runs at the 18th edition of Musicultura award as a finalist and the song "Presa" is included in the festival CD.

In 2008 he composes stage music and also performs in the choreoplay “Malpelo and Iqbal” directed by J.Ambrogio. The play focuses on child labour and debuts in Rome in 2009 supported by UNICEF.

Writing and performing the video musical performance “Help The Child Within” looking into firearms use and abuse with the photos of Etienne Zerah, staged at the festival oFFENE bUHNE, Kunsthaus Tacheles in Berlin DE (oct 2009).

His second album “Principia” is issued in march 2009, it also includes some tracks from the play “Malpelo and Iqbal”.

Establishing an ensemble with master Fakhraddin Gafarov, virtuoso tar player from Azerbaijan, Sinan Cem Eroğlu, talented young kaval player, and the eclectic Sicilian musician Carmelo Siciliano, performing the program “Love from Aegean to Caspian sea” which features famous love songs from Greece, Turkey and Azerbaijan. Another repertoire is released shortly afterwards: “Romanì Drom” which features gypsy folk songs from Turkey, Greece and Macedonia.

In 2011 toghether with stunning musicians such as Mouna Amari and Federico Sanesi he performs in the musical “The tales road”, directed by Paola Mandel; a piece of work focusing on the Silk Road musical environment. In the summer “Kavkaz_Kafkas/songs from the Caucasus” comes on stage with Fakhraddin Gafarov and the Turkish violin player Cihat Aşkın, head of Istanbul Teknik Üniversitesi musical department. It’s a repertoire focusing on famous songs coming from Caucasian countries arranged for piano, tar violin, soprano sax and percussions.

Toghether with his performing activities he leads training courses on Mediterranean music as well as creative workshops and vocal coach.