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He started guitar at 12, in 2003 he graduates I level classic guitar with the highest grades with honours.. An interest towards Greek music and instruments raises as well as a deep resarch for the whole Mediterranean culture and tradition. On the occasion of several trips to Greece he begins to study bouzouki and oud with the virtuoso greek master Nektarios Galanis, besides he follows some extra classes in Athens with the famous bouzouxìs Thanasis Polikandriotis. He also trains himself with other instrument such as, oud, Spanish laud, Greek baglamas, galeg gaita, Turkish saz, tuberleki and recently, flamenco guitar.
In 2003 he joined the world music group “Nakaira”, whom with he records the CD “Onde sonore dal Mediterraneo”, managed by AlfaMusic/Raitrade., and the Greek music band “Cafe Aman”, featuring half greek and half Italian musicians whose repertoire includes songs from "rebetika" music which is the Minor Asian Greek refugees music after they were deported by the Turks in 1922.

Carmelo composed “A La Nicusiana”, run seminars on Greek music at MCAS. Played in the new album and is currently performing in “Love from the Aegean to Caspian sea” with m. Gafarov and other live shows.


Born in Azerbaijan he wins two national music contests at the age of 12, subsequently he runs his studies at the National Conservatory of music. Becoming teacher, concert solo performer, and collaborating with several musicians in the National Radio TV Orchestra he finally comes to direct Baku Conservatory.
He plays traditional string instrument such as tar, saz, oud and he’s regarded as a Tar virtuoso in his home-country. Political refugee in Italy since 1999 he’s involved in numerous musical activities, concerts, courses and also focuses on Sufi music. In Italy he released 5 records : “Mugam”, “Sarevan”, “Sahara Caravan”, “Ghel Ghel”, “Bu dunyadan”.

Master Gafarov released the musical program “Love from the Aegean to the Caspian sea” and he’s also involved in forthcoming projects.


Son of a lutist he begins at a very young age the study of bağlama, traditional Anatolian lute. In 1997 he enrols the State Conservatory, faculty of music, in Istanbul taking  kaval flute study with professor Cihan Yurtcu. Shortly afterwards he joins the Youth Turkish Music Radio Orchestra until 2006. After his degree he starts out playing on stage and in a short time he plays along with famous musicians in the folk and jazz scene like Yinon Muallem, Erkan Oğur, Nida Ateş. Aside his concerts he plays music for clips, movies and visual projects. "Tesadüf", his first solo album is issued in 2012.

Sinan plays kaval in “Love from Aegean to Caspian sea”, “The tales way” and occasionally supports other LIVE projects.


Violin master, he leads since 2008“Türk Müziği Devlet Konservatuarı” (State concervatory of Turkish music) in Istanbul. Master Aşkın was trained at the “Royal College of Music” in London, consequently completed his studies with Ruggero Ricci and Dorothy Delay. After his Ph.D he’s goes back to his country where he will combine his concert activities with public offices (Müzik İleri Araştırmalar Merkezi’nin –MIAM), publishing music works ranging from folk and classical repertoires, playing live classical concertst in many theatres in the world. Some of his released records are: Minyatürler (1998), Umutsuz (2004), Istanbulin (2007). He player live concerts using instruments by Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume (1846) andJoseph Gagliano (1796).

Master Aşkın plays solo violin in the program “Kavkaz_Kafkas-a collection of songs coming from Caucasian countries”.


Salvatore Adorno began playing keyboards and piano in 1989. In 2000 he graduates at the High School of Musical Improvememt in Saluzzo with the highest grading achieving the arranger, composer, programmer qualification..Amongst the school’s tutors are: Gianni Nocenzi, Walter Savelli, Emanuele Ruffinengo, Celso Valli, Gaetano Ria, Gabriele Barlera, Corrado Buffa, Palmino Pia, Mauro Loggia. In 2002 he sets up his own digital recording studio "Music Now" in Syracuse where he shall develop numerous musical projects in the whole Sicilian area between 2002 and 2009.

Salvo produced Thonisoranohe’s and “Principia”.He worked for “Malpelo e Iqbal”soundtrack and “Aufbruch aus Troja” as well as playing liver sequences, keyboards and piano for many projects.


Avinar duo features Arash and Eliza Yari, based in Turin Italy since 2004.
They began Persian classical music studies at a very early age: Arash is a percussionist, playing the most famous Iranian frame drum, the daf, and composer on the tar, traditional string instrument. Eliza plays the santur realted to the European hammer dulcimer.

With Avinar duo Thoni sings original music from A.Yari based on the most revered Persian poets lyrics.


Also known as Ras Noiz, composer sound designer from Rome, he’s been into electronic and avant-garde music for years, he established Megasound record label. He’s famous for his live dj sets, sound shows, digital performances. He produced and engineered hunderds of works His last release is the CD “Kalsa” by the roman-sicilian band Unnaddarè.

Gerardo produced and engineered T.A.O. Alchemic Symphony and performed live on dj sets.


After a classic background and a longterm live experience, Carmine meets up with the Bosniac musician Adnan Hozic so they release the album Balkanija, a record which left its mark and hit the world music scene in Italy in 1996.
Committing themselves to search within tradition quite as ethnomusicologists, they haunted and met nomad gipsies.
In 2004 they record again a new record “Il Miracolo”, their second album. At the same time he runs music therapy in several schools.

Carmine played live and is currently working on new projects.